Android App - Starling Bank Balance Notification

This is an Android app to display your Starling Balance (even your Euro accounts!) and Savings Goals as a persistent Notification. You can easily get an update, to keep on top of your finances.

Get it on the Google Play Store - Link

Starling Bank API Scripts

Below are some scripts that I have created using the Starling Bank API to retrieve my balance, latest transactions, details about my Savings Goals and calculated both daily and instant RoundUps for each transaction.

Instant RoundUps into a Savings Goal - Link

Instantly Rounds Up the transaction and transfers it into a Starling Bank Savings Goal.

Simply configure your Starling Bank Personal Access Token (with the transaction:read, savings-goal:read and savings-goal-transfer:create scopes), the ID of the Savings Goal you'd like the RoundUp to go into and an email address to send notification to.